#6 Did the Inspection Pass?

Did the Inspection Pass??

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#5 Bathroom Reno: The Devil Is In the Details…

I like when people leave notes so that it’s clear! No room for misinterpretation!

To me, every bit of building is so important. If you don’t have a solid foundation and proper use of materials in the beginning (even though you don’t see them) that can lead to problems in the future (i.e. water, or tile that cracks, etc.) Continue reading “#5 Bathroom Reno: The Devil Is In the Details…”

#4 Bathroom Reno: And so it begins… Lights Out.

Bathroom Reno: Subfloor installed

The demo portion is done, so now there is a clean slate. Nothing horrible was found except for a section of pipe that was behind the shower from the controls to the shower head was taken outside and placed softly on grass – the pipe fell apart. Continue reading “#4 Bathroom Reno: And so it begins… Lights Out.”

#3 Bathroom Reno: DEMO DAY!!

Demo Day: What do you want to save?

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#2 Bathroom Reno: Our Inspiration Photos and Ideas!

Inspiration for Hall Bath Renovation |  Image: @amiecorleyinteriors

It helps so much to go through magazines and look online for inspiration photos. I saved our images in a folder in Pinterest so that I could access them easily. Continue reading “#2 Bathroom Reno: Our Inspiration Photos and Ideas!”

#1 Bathroom Renovation: The “Before”…

“Before” – Armoire in front of the doorway | Painting by Nancy Hoerter

We have very little experience when it comes to renovations. Our house was built in 1931. It has oodles of charm (did I just say oodles? 🙄) When we moved into our house the walls and ceilings had been blown with a popcorn texture 😳 – The walls are plaster, so we had them re-plastered so they were smooth. The guys did a fabulous job! We also had all the floors sanded and refinished. Other than that we did everything ourselves, paint, etc. – About 10-15 years later we did renovate our kitchen. We found contractors for each job. The problem is when there is a problem with one it backs up everyone and it’s not easy to get back on the schedule in a timely manner. That’s why we wanted to use a contractor, someone who managed what was going on and noted anything that needed to be changed, etc. We wouldn’t have known the small things that turn out to be pretty big things.  Continue reading “#1 Bathroom Renovation: The “Before”…”