#3 Bathroom Reno: DEMO DAY!!

Demo Day: What do you want to save?

The day has finally come… DEMO DAY! It was exciting and a little nerve-racking. You just hope and pray that when they demo they don’t find anything glaringly wrong that will add to the cost of the reno. The photo above shows the pedestal sink, which we were able to sell, this image also shows what the armoire hid. A door into the bedroom (which is now a living area).

Our contractor introduced us to the two men that would be demoing the bathroom. The first thing they ask: Is there anything you want to save? Yes! The pedestal sink, plantation shutter and the trim around the door (that originally went into a bedroom) in case it’s needed for something…

Demo Day!

A thick cardboard “runner” was put down from the front door to the bathroom. They estimated the time to demo this bathroom at 4 hours. They worked all day, and I do mean ALL DAY on day 1… they got most of it done and they had to be exhausted. The demo of a room is hard work, especially when you have an older house. They came back on day 2 and demoed the ceiling and cleaned up. Then hauled everything to the dump. 3,800# of debris. They said in all their years of demoing, this was the most difficult bathroom demo of their careers. So much concrete. #whoknew #wellbuilthouse

If you haven’t had anything demoed before you may not realize how loud it can be, ha ha… but how can it NOT be? I mean walls, tile and flooring are being taken out. CONCRETE is being removed (to a certain point) – I could hear them cut the bathtub in half then it sounded like glass shattering… I did feel a few pangs of guilt for undoing something that was so well built, but I also had confidence that what would replace it would be just as well built and solid. This bathroom just didn’t work for us. It really needed to have a working shower. Guests have used our bathroom in the past, but now, they will have their own!

Each evening we would vacuum (we sacrificed our old Dyson to use to clean up after reno and bought a Shark for the rest of the house – love my Shark!), then wipe down the cardboard (I think we may have a problem, ha ha) and the floors.

Before demo began we moved furniture and rugs out of the living room – to give a clear space for things such as a Shop Vac, boxes of the tile, supplies, etc. It worked out.

Catch you back here tomorrow – ⚒ Next Bathroom Reno post is on Monday, more photos on the process!

📺Stay tuned…


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