#9 Bathroom Reno: Let there be light!

Big Things Are Happening!

Let me start by saying… the amount of prep work that went into this small bathroom is unbelievable. It is labor intensive to get the walls/floors/ceiling/plumbing/electric ready so that there are no problems in the future. The painter arrived and sanded and painted. We used Sherwin Williams High Reflective White. Take note: this color is beautiful with the tile, but requires a few more coats of paint to cover.

The electrician arrived and all the outlets and lighting is now working, woohoo! We have one switch for the two lights above the vanity (on a dimmer), the second switch for the fan, and the third for the light in the shower. It’s nice to be able to dim the vanity lights. As you see, the light sparkles off the tile. It was super exciting to have light back in this room! We have an outlet down a little lower than normal on the left side of the vanity and another on the right side of the vanity.

Vanity Delivered…

The doors and drawers are still being painted, but the vanity was installed so that the tile people could come out and make a template for the marble. The prep work is the slowest feeling part of the reno, but it’s every bit as important as the finished product, so… #patience! We love the shape, size and color of the vanity! The first image showed the glass already installed. Note the banjo part of the vanity (on the left, where the drawers are) the cabinet isn’t as deep in that section as the vanity because there is a toilet opposite.

The vanity and marble were both installed and then the shower glass, which is beautiful all by itself! #whoknewglasscouldbesobeautiful

Where to cut out for sink

The marble template guy marked where he wanted the cabinet guy to cut the cabinet for the sink. A few days later the cabinet doors/drawers were installed. The tankless water heater was also installed and we LOVE it!

Catch you back here tomorrow – ⚒ TOMORROW: The AFTER photos! ❤️💃🕺

📺Stay tuned…


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