#10 Bathroom Reno: The AFTER Photos!

The After Photos!

I am so excited to share the after photos with you! (In case you missed the first post, click HERE to see the before pics!) We absolutely love everything that was selected. Some things were purchased online (hardware/mirror), many items were purchased at Moluf’s (sink, toilet, faucet, shower fixtures, hot water heater). We love that place!

The vanity turned out amazing and I LOVE the brass hardware! We have the same hardware in the kitchen, it’s a smaller size. This is a small area so I thought the larger hardware would make it sing. 🎶 The drawers have the easy glide close (not sure the proper terminology) – and the drawers hold plenty!  The marble is stunning (vanity and floor), and I cannot tell you how good it feels under foot. It’s honed, so it’s not shiny, the feel isn’t like the basketweave tile that we used to have (which is about 40 degrees any time of year), the marble is comfortable to stand on.

The shower glass is amazing. I’m so glad we put the controls to the shower on the right and the shower head on the left (thanks Peter!) – the shower even SOUNDS nice hitting the tile.

The toilet in it’s new location on the opposite wall. It used to be underneath the shutter on the left which seemed odd. We never noticed how jammed up to the wall it was. Hilarious! I believe the only thing we kept are the Plantation Shutters and they fit the look beautifully!

A photo taken from inside the shower… you can see my gingham shirt if you look closely. I love this view!

I love having a single handle. Our other bathroom has one for hot the other for cold,  I prefer this… just one! Not sure if it’s true, but I read that if you use liquid soap then you won’t get build up in the shower. Keeps it easy to clean. I also read that Dove bar soap was OK? Not sure if either are true, but so far, so good! (Love the OXO squeegee too!)

It’s nice to look in and not see an armoire that hides the sink. It’s especially nice to have a functional (not to mention beautiful) shower!

Everything is so wonderful. Thanks to all who worked tirelessly to make this happen. You guys are amazing, every single one of you!

Catch you back here tomorrow – 🏆🙌 Thank you @arcadiaconstructionchs – you were amazing to work with! #keepthebuildingartsalive

📺Stay tuned…


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