#8 Bathroom Reno: TILE-When It Starts To Come Together!

Bathroom Reno: Tile is where it all comes together!

When you get to the stage where the tile is being set you can get an idea of what your bathroom will look like. Prior to that it’s a little fuzzy, but it all comes together beginning now! It’s exciting! The 12×12″ niche with a 6×12″ marble tile on shelf.

Look at the intricate detail involved in tiling both walls and floor. Pieces of the floor tile were cut and placed where the bottom tiles began. I wondered how they would accomplish this! You know the height of your tile for sure when one is underneath the tile above it. The amount of time this takes is crazy. These guys were so organized and had a plan. They are all so busy. I also have to say, these guys have a great time when they’re working – they talk and laugh and work. They’re all doing something constantly – it’s flawless teamwork. 🙌

The shower floor is mudded so that it slopes towards the drain so there is no standing water. These guys are perfectionists. Note the level on the shower curb. #makingsureitsrightbeforemovingon Oh, how I appreciate this level of detail!

The floor is beautiful, as is the curb to the shower. We both loved that one wild piece with darker veining (closer to the far wall) – The purple moisture board is where the vanity will be! As I mentioned in an earlier post, the grout color is Rolling Fog.

Trim pieces were put back up, it’s those little details that take this from an average bathroom reno to a beautiful one!

Big news – the paper runway came up today! Now the house is feeling a bit more like a house! The glass guy came to measure for the shower glass – He had some questions:

  1. How wide of an opening do you want? (24″)
  2. How high do you want the glass to go? (Standard height)
  3. Do we want a shower door? (No)

Now, as soon as the painter finishes the vanity and they can get it installed then we can have the marble people make a template for it! #onestepcloser! Still no light, but that will make us really appreciate it once we have it!

Catch you back here tomorrow – ⚒ Tomorrow… the vanity is delivered! 💃🕺

📺Stay tuned…


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