#7 Bathroom Reno: The Prep Work Continues!

Bathroom Reno: Prep Work!

The behind the scenes work continues. Things are happening. Just remember that good things take time (and skill)! Insulation was added in areas in addition to the spray foam that was done on demo day. #sealupthosecracks #donotletthecrittersin

Since we are tiling from ceiling to floor they didn’t have to sand the sheet rock areas. Which is good. #lessdustisalwaysagoodthing

I double checked to be sure this purple board is OK in a bathroom and he said “Yes! It’s the best that there is” – That’s all I needed to hear! Also, an area was cut for an outlet. We opted to have it fairly low so that it’s not in your main sight line. The other outlet will be in the side of the vanity. I love that!

The ceiling was the one area that had to be worked on, since that was going to remain sheetrock.

The curb and shower has been built. The bright green is over the drain. It already looks like perfection to me! But it just keeps getting better!

My first thought… #abstractart! RedGard Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane – This is cool stuff, it goes on pink and dries red. No worries about leaks!

Also during this time the exhaust fan was installed and is venting to the outdoors through the roof. Yipee! They were in and out in a short time and did a fabulous job! You don’t even notice the vent on the back of the roof.

Catch you back here tomorrow – ⚒ Reno images continue tomorrow and Wednesday with the AFTER photos appearing on Thursday of this week, woohoo!! ⚒

📺Stay tuned…


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