#4 Bathroom Reno: And so it begins… Lights Out.

Bathroom Reno: Subfloor installed

The demo portion is done, so now there is a clean slate. Nothing horrible was found except for a section of pipe that was behind the shower from the controls to the shower head was taken outside and placed softly on grass – the pipe fell apart.

It. Fell. Apart. 😳

That means if we would have turned on the water for the shower it would have been spraying inside the walls. Crisis averted. WHEW! That was the worst thing that happened, we are so grateful for that!

Bathroom Reno: Shower area after demo… Love the brick!

Sub flooring was installed. Then the plumbers appeared, a father-son duo who were so wonderful! They work together like a well oiled machine. It’s amazing. They added plumbing for the toilet that was moved, for the sink which was shifted to the middle of the bathroom and for the shower. They also started on plumbing for a Rinnai tankless water heater. Our water heater was originally in the attic right above this bathroom. Over the years we have had a few leaks because of the hot water heater. We’re happy to know that is no longer a concern. We couldn’t be happier with the Rinnai!

Our shower is to be a walk in shower with no door. So you walk into it and the shower head will be on the far end. ‼️One thing our contractor mentioned is that it’s nice if you have the controls on the opposite wall. That way you can turn on the water and let it get to temperature before you hop in. Brilliant! I can’t imagine stepping into the shower to turn on the controls only to be blasted with cold water… So we absolutely did that!

Bathroom Reno: Can Lights Placed

The electrician came and wired and placed the can lights, the water heater and the exhaust fan. Two cans above the vanity and one over the shower. The cans didn’t look centered over the vanity, but that was OK (they were perfectly centered in the end). As of today, its LIGHTS OUT. No more light in the bathroom until they do the final hook up.

Bathroom Demo: A Peek Through the Switch Box

There was absolutely nowhere to put the switches for the bathroom. Originally they were in the hallway (for that same reason), so they were replaced with a box for three switches vs. two. The two cans over the sink are on one switch, the exhaust fan is on a switch, and the light over the shower is on another.

Hale Navy – Benjamin Moore

We heard that our vanity has been built and is in line to be painted – so a color decision was made. Our contractor brought over a board with the finish and color we selected so we could live with it for a few days to see how we liked it.

Final decision: Hale Navy (HC-154) by Benjamin Moore. It’s stunning!

#keepthebuildingartsalive #whatwouldwedowithoutthem

Our contractor: Peter Malanos, Arcadia Construction (Charleston)

Catch you back here tomorrow – ⚒ Tomorrow… the beginning of the shower, and what a process it is!

📺Stay tuned…


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