No Comparison…

It’s the little things in life…

The little things in life can be the very best things in life. Think about it… air, water, food, trees, flowers, bees… each other. These are all things that are necessary in life. Don’t get me wrong, big things are nice – – very nice. BUT, if you take time to appreciate the smallest things you will be a happier person by far.

Society has us all comparing ourselves to each other. The woman on the magazine cover. That’s not me. Never will be me. But guess what? Chances are it’s not really her either! Photoshop and other editing software can change a person completely. Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to anyone. You be you and let them be them. I hope the younger generations grow up knowing how UNimportant getting a good selfie shot while standing on the edge of a cliff really is. Maybe get off social media and the computer (after you read this post, ha ha) – pick up a good book… delve into it. You will experience an entirely different world. You can go places you may never have a chance to go to. Experience life through other people’s eyes… I think it helps people have compassion.

Be like this little fern growing in an obscure location underneath a broken sidewalk. Be strong, fight for yourself, do good, be good… Catch you back here tomorrow!





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