Camellias Wine Bar at Hotel Bennett – Charleston, SC!

Camellias Wine Bar at Hotel Bennett, Charleston, SC

Hotel Bennett. Charleston, SC. A fairly new hotel with such elegance it’s stunning. From the beautiful artwork, decor, furnishings and PEOPLE – this is everything you could hope it would be.

Read the description of the space that was created for Camellias Champagne Bar. Hard to believe that the Charleston Library used to occupy this space. It was vacant for so long. It has been replaced with jaw dropping beauty!

If you’re in the Charleston area, be sure to check it out!

From the Hotel Bennett website (describing Camellias Champagne Bar space):

The Space Around You

The bar’s pink, egg-shaped room was inspired by a Fabergé jewel box and is framed with four art panels that depict the Camellia flower. Reflective finishes, including an etched-mirror ceiling and beautiful strings of crystals cascading from a chandelier, add both shimmer and style to the atmosphere.

Camellias’ stunning hue cleverly utilizes marble that once clad the former Charleston public library building where Hotel Bennett now stands. The marble, reclaimed and restored, now graces the bar and tabletops.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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