The Nelson Daybed With Mid Century Modern Appeal

An Eclectic Mix of Antique, Mid Century Modern and Classic Styles

This blog is all about sharing the things I love with you. Namely ART (as well as artists and art events), FOOD (recipes, restaurants, products I’ve tried and love) and anything HOME related whether it be furniture, lighting, etc.

Last week I shared a photo with you of the LCW Chair (Lounge Chair Wood) designed by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller® – today a bit of a different view to include the Nelson Day Bed with Back Bolster by Herman Miller®. It’s a functional piece that can double as a place to sleep if we have extra company to visit, all you do is remove the back bolsters. We opted for the taper legs in walnut (vs. the hairpin legs) and the noble wool fabric. Tada! We are so happy with this room, it’s been so fun! This room is done! Maybe one day a cool light fixture when I can let go of a ceiling fan. #nothappeninganytimesoon

Home posts are important right now… we’ve all experienced a lot of home time, for some it’s too much home time. The positive cases of Covid 19 in Charleston, SC (and South Carolina/most of the USA in general) are continuing to rise. Our Governor has opened up the state, but now I’m seeing more and more businesses voluntarily close (as I write this) to prevent the spread. THANK YOU! They’re trying to keep their staff and their patrons safe and it’s hard to do that when you have people coming in your place of business with no mask. Businesses have already taken a hard hit being closed – please be kind. #wearamask Charleston City Council did pass an ordinance requiring the use of a mask in public places (especially where social distancing is not possible) – THANK YOU! 🙌 I’ve seen business after business ask people to wear masks but they don’t… then an employee tests positive and they close down until people are no longer positive and the business has been disinfected. DHEC recently told restaurants they do not have to close after a positive case 😳 but most restaurants are erring on the side of caution. They can’t operate if everyone is sick. This is a tough time for them (and so many others) – support them if you can!

What have you been up to while you’ve been at home? Resting or cleaning? Organizing or reading? A little of both? I think I started out like a maniac, cleaning, organizing, moving closets around (sorry Fred!), but it’s been so long now (How long? Early March?) It truly is a new normal to wash your hands to death, think and rethink where you’re going to set something down after arriving home after being at the grocery store, etc. #allwecandoiswhatwecando We will get through this #alonetogether Thank goodness for FaceTime, Zoom and the digital world.

#imissmyfamily #besafe

Paintings above: Artists from left to right Eva Carter, Lynn Drexler, me (on mantel), on the wall in the dining room: Sylvia Albert’s, to the left of the door, Dan Corey, to the right of the door, Carol Marine (top), Gene Costanza (middle), Sandra Baggette (bottom) and I believe the little abstract between windows is by Ann Gordon – we purchased the painting in Detroit, MI – I’m not finding any contact info for her and can’t make out the signature, so…

✍️ Until next time…


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