Featured Artist: Brian Miller!

Earl Grey by Brian Miller 24×35 Acrylic

Brian Miller. A daily painter – serious dedication! So many paintings, all color palettes and subjects. This one spoke to me, I love it! It’s cool and funky and different!

I really like the subtle color palette with punches of orange and pink (my favs) – I love the quirkiness of it, the happiness, the freedom. This is a painting that can lift your spirits! So many paintings, I went through and was torn between a few as to which to feature. My eye always goes straight to a certain painting, no rhyme or reason – it’s what I see that I love – and that’s what I share with you. #sonowyouknow

A fun fact… Brian’s wife, Debbie is also an artist! How cool is that? Check out Debbie’s work – wonderful paintings – something for every palette!

See more of Brian’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Shop

Read a bit about Brian via his website:

Making flipbooks with the corners of all my notebooks. Art school. Degrees in animation and filmmaking. Professional graphic design career. Children’s book illustration. Font design. Web design and development. Then a switch to programming and problem-solving. Discovering mixed media art journaling and the freedom to play with paints, ink sprays, stencils, monoprinting, collage, and mark-making. Teaching art classes online and through in-person workshops. It has all been good and fun. But I’m not sure that I really and truly FELT like an artist until I began a daily painting practice in March 2016. Committing to making a small painting each day has really allowed me to develop my personal expressive style with new freedom.

I am grateful to be able to make art in Orlando with my wife, Debbie, who is also finding authentic expression through painting and mixed media creativity. Our house is a combination art studio and library, so we are surrounded with inspiration.

✍️ Until next time…


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