Pumpkinscape by Jamie Wyeth –

Pumpkinscape by Jamie Wyeth (via JamieWyeth.com)

Happy Halloween! And what says Happy Halloween better than one of my all time favorite paintings of Jamie Wyeth’s (although, there are SO MANY)? This painting has drama, movement, light, COLOR and FEELING!

Well… we will not be trick-or-treating, but then again at our age we probably shouldn’t be anyway 😉

This painting by Jamie Wyeth is stunning – I used this image back in 2012. We were at a restaurant in Maine, years ago, and they had this giclee. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the brilliance of it. What a wonderful color combination – THAT SHADOW! The rough seas, and the twisty stem of the pumpkin almost like it’s alive. I have so many favorite paintings of Jamie’s and this is definitely one of them. #iamafan

I follow Victoria Browning Wyeth on Instagram and always love the images she shares of her family’s stunning paintings. She is the only grandchild of Andrew Wyeth – her father, Nicholas, is Jamie Wyeth’s brother. Read more about her and her family HERE or follow her on Instagram @victoriabrowningwyeth

⏰ For those of you who observe Daylight Saving Timeit ends at 2AM – so turn the clocks BACK ⟲ one hour before you head to bed!

Happy Halloween – it’s supposed to be a full moon (so 2020 isn’t it?) – actually a BLUE MOON which only happens like every 19 years (two full moons in one month)! 🎃 We are staying in and lying low… #besafeoutthere #rememberthisis2020 #thisisonenewyearseveimaystayawakefor #wink

✍️ Until tomorrow…


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