If 2020 Were An Image

If 2020 were an image, it would look a bit like this…

Yes, 2020 looks a bit like this. So much information about the presidential election, lack of leadership, who said what about whoever, the riots (and I’m not talking about the peaceful protests), the hate, the negative non-stop attack ads that make the “slip and fall and we’ll make you rich” commercials seem like Hallmark. I know my head isn’t the only one that is swimming in a sea of disinformation.

2020. This has been a tough year for so many. This is a year of messed up priorities – the election has been put above agreeing to help those who are struggling and have been for months. Some are unable to make ends meet with so many jobs lost. There are those without insurance, no way to pay for medication, housing, and basic necessities. With all of this horror unfolding every single night in my 30 minute news segment there is one thing that remains constant.

Some of us are amazing. 😉

There are those who will be there for you in thick or thin. There are children, yes, CHILDREN, giving up their birthday parties to raise money to buy food to pass along to those in need. There are farmers giving away massive harvests. The people in this country have come together to help each other in unprecedented times, and that gives me hope for a brighter tomorrow.

If you haven’t voted yet. If you think your vote doesn’t matter or that you don’t count. PLEASE, get out and vote. Let YOUR voice be counted! YOU DO matter.

I pray that there is an end to COVID and that we can get together again soon. But for now, that isn’t the case, so I’m going to keep wearing my mask around others because I can not bear the thought of my negligence making someone ill, and possibly worse. #itsjustamask #whocares #justdoit

I wonder when we’ll have an idea who our next President will be? #hopefullysoon

✍️ Until tomorrow…


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