Baked Feta, Broccolini, Lemon and Tomato!

Feta & Veggies going into the oven #GORGEOUS

The image of this dinner going into the oven is so beautiful! The taste… equally as wonderful. Trust me, this is a keeper. Prepare to be blown away! The feta achieves a magnificent consistency – Out of this world!

I first saw this recipe in the New York Times. I subscribe to their cooking email and oh, is it ever fabulous! Most of the time you need to be a subscriber to access the recipe – so what you see below is my rendition of their recipe, click HERE to print this recipe! Pretty much the same except I made a few substitutions in quantities – When I saw how beautiful this recipe was in preparation, I couldn’t believe it. But does it taste as good as it looks? Every bit! It’s fairly quick to prepare. Wash and dry the veggies. Toss in olive oil, slice the feta and pop it all onto a sheet pan. Roast it for a fairly short time and *BAM* – You’ve got dinner (and if there are only two of you eating, you’ll have lunch the next day – this was FABULOUS cold!)

Dinner is Served!

Serving this on orzo (as pictured above) is wonderful. I fixed one plate like this. Then I tossed all the veggies/feta with the cooked orzo that I drizzled lightly with olive oil and squeezed a small wedge of lemon over. Then I tossed to get the flavors to meld. The juice from the tomatoes was brilliant and gave this a wonderful taste. We had this the next day for lunch (cold) and it was every bit as good!

PS, I’m not a recipe writer – I just tried to describe what I did, the results were phenomenal!

✍️ Until tomorrow…


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