What else is there to do?

Brown Rice, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Egg | Power Breakfast

How many of you stayed home for thanksgiving and cooked? Did you have the standard Thanksgiving fare, or did you think outside the box and try something different? Traditional is the route we took and it was too good!

At first I thought I wanted something different, not so many dishes to make (and clean up after) – then my husband said “what else do we have to do?” – Well! Isn’t that the truth, ha ha… I mean we are living in COVID19-Pandemic-Stay-At-Home-What-Else-Is-There-To-Do Times… We are almost at month #NINE Ahhhhhh, #damncovid

After a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner it was time to lighten up. One morning for breakfast I took a few tablespoons of leftover brown rice, a few spoonfuls of leftover spinach, a few spoonfuls of leftover sweet potato – heated it and topped it with an egg (that I overcooked 🙄) – I drizzled with a wee bit of olive oil (a teeny tiny stream of it and some pepper).

Get out… Shut the front door… Whaaaat??!!! Yes, it was fabulous! I was just hoping to get it done and call breakfast healthy and checked ✅ off the list, but this was actually good!

So… the next day, I had the same, but I also had leftover (spoonful) of roasted broccoli. Wow, was that pretty, delicious and good for me.

#pinaroseonmynose haha. 🌹

So don’t be afraid to mix up some weird concoctions – you never know!

✍️ Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “What else is there to do?

  1. Heather

    We went to our home on Maine coast. Had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but no fuss, no fancy table setting. We set up a card table in front of the fireplace. The food was all prepared on Tues. and Wed. The turkey carcass had been thrown into the wilderness where we saw crows descend and where we see a family of red 🦊.
    What was an interesting and surprising outcome is that we decided to repeat this celebration in years to come. Family may join us in the future, but simplicity will reign! We experienced a pleasant and calm day. We hooked up with Bob’s daughter on FaceTime. There was no schedule, no rushing about with food contributions. And at 73 and 74 years old, we guess it is time to factor in age!

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    1. Heather, I couldn’t agree more! It was so nice to have everything done the day before, and after a quick nice visit on the back porch and a food drop off we came home and heated up our dinner. It was amazing! Couldn’t have been better. We did FaceTime with my parents and my sister which was nice. I thought it was such a nice day, we actually had time to reflect on everything we have to be thankful for. Happy to hear that you had such a nice time!


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