Featured Artist: Rosemary Leach!

Breaking Bread by Rosemary Leach 41×61 Acrylic

I enjoy paintings of tables in use, also known as a tablescape. They can be as busy or as simple as you like. Whether there are people included or not – they’re interesting. Check out this artist from Canada!

Breaking Bread is by Rosemary Leach – she mostly paints everyday items or scenes with a little twist – read her bio and be sure to check out her blog (link below) as well as her paintings! She’s got some cool forks and some wonderful scenes looking out of windows/doors (some are sold, but some are available) – very cool!

See more of Rosemary’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Blog


Rosemary Leach’s paintings explore the rich character of familiar objects. She responds to the contemporary “cool” aesthetic with a focus on what is warm, personal and evokes a story; a milk carton strapped to an old bicycle, espresso on a messy countertop. Her compositions honour a contemplative approach to everyday life and a celebration of lives deeply lived. 

Her paintings are featured in collections from California to the east coast of Canada, in the UK and in Europe.

Rosemary Leach lives in Almonte, Ontario with author Jacob Berkowitz.

✍️ Until next time…

Image and Bio via ROSEMARYLEACH.COM, used with permission…

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