Two Amazing Light Fixtures!

This is one amazing light fixture – Highly recommend!

I unrolled my yoga mat on the floor, sat down, looked up and this is what I saw… This is one of the coolest fixtures ever – I HIGHLY recommend! It looks good in any and every room. Designed by George Nelson and produced by Herman Miller.

Pictured is the Nelson Crisscross Bubble Pendant– we have another Nelson Pendant light in our kitchen (Nelson Saucer Pendant) – What I absolutely LOVE about them is that they give off the most amazing warm light. We have both on dimmers so they can be as bright or as moody as you like. They are a brilliant design by George Nelson. I believe we have the medium size for both. The Crisscross Bubble pendant comes in small and medium size, where the Saucer pendant comes in small (17.5″ width), medium (25″ width), large (35″ width) and extra large (50″ width)! Check them out 👀!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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