Nasturtiums… a favorite!

Nasturtiums in Michigan…

Nasturtiums are a favorite for so many reasons. Their vibrant color is a big draw, so striking against the green leaves! I didn’t realize how good they smell until my mom pointed it out the other day when I was visiting. Nasturtiums are also edible. I have had them on my plate several times in a nice restaurant but I didn’t eat them.

I remember planting nasturtiums from seeds as kids in Michigan. I planted a lot of things. Four o’clocks (which bloom in the afternoon), Morning Glories (which bloom in the morning) – as a young kid I tried to get an avocado seed to bloom but never had luck. Tried it again last year while I was growing green onions in a glass until they got a tad too fragrant to be inside – still no luck.

If any of you have had success getting an avocado plant to grow from a seed – let me know how you do it!


✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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