St. Johns Marsh – Near Algonac, MI

St. Johns Marsh – Michigan

Marshes, lakes, streams – Michigan is a beautiful state. It seems that when I visit I see so much beauty that I’m taking photos like crazy and still leave without photos of PEOPLE! Ugh! NEXT TIME!!! This has quite the moody vibe, doesn’t it?

Ominous clouds always make for a good photo. The weather was nice, warm one day (warmer than SC!) but cooled off nicely after a good rain. These clouds look like they go on forever, don’t they? Their reflection in the water is beautiful, as is the marsh grass. St.Johns Marsh is stunning – I used to drive by this every single day. Never took it for granted. The beauty is stunning.

We don’t live on the water but we live near it. I really take in the waterways when I run errands etc. – I appreciate each and every sunrise or sunset. #grateful

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)

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