Proof that ANYTHING is possible!


I think this image says it all, don’t you? It’s proof that ANYTHING is possible. Imagine, growing so beautifully, every part of this fern is perfection, the beautiful green, the shape of each little leaf, it’s amazing. Against all odds this tiny plant is flourishing in the tiniest spot, in a broken area of a sidewalk . When I saw it, I had to stop to take this photo. Even sun, albeit not much, found it’s way to this tucked away spot.

I think this shows that we can be just like this fern. We can flourish even in the most unlikely places. It’s easy to flourish with a lot, but when life throws struggles at you, remember to try to keep a positive attitude, and carry on keeping an open mind. It cannot be easy, but this little fern is #strength. We just have to adjust our attitude #imgoingtotrytorememberthis

🌿 Here’s to a wonderful summer where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 🌿

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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