Hard to pass up…

Live Oak, Spanish Moss, Resurrection Fern

Heading out on a walk and it was hard to pass by this live oak tree with Resurrection fern and Spanish moss. I love how the sunlight is hitting it so softly. It looks as if the tree limbs reach to the heavens, doesn’t it? The green of the Resurrection fern is a clear indication of recent rain. Otherwise it would be crinkled up and brown, you would swear it was dead, but in fact it is very, very alive!

Interesting tidbit of info. I loved learning about the Resurrection fern, it’s like a miracle, because WITH recent rain it looks like the freshest, liveliest fern on the planet, otherwise… 😬 And, did you know Spanish moss isn’t moss at all? Another interesting bit of info. I love how it hangs from the live oaks. It makes the trees look even more majestic than they already do. They’ve been up and down our street for a long, long time. They truly are grand trees.

Well y’all, we’ve almost made it to the end of August. #getouttahere Hoping for the best the next few months with hurricanes and tropical storms. Praying for those in states (flooding, fires, storms) and countries who are in precarious situations because of extreme weather around the world.

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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