Botany Bay (Edisto, SC)

daily word prompt:

s o l i t u d e

first thought: aloneness…

This is something I wrote a while back when WordPress had daily word prompts. They never fit into my scheduled blog posts (in those days it was artists three days/week, a recipe, a house plan and images), but a few days I had a little extra time, so I started another blog but never made it public, I only wrote two posts and I’m going to share them with you, and on occasion, pull from the archived word prompts in WordPress. Here goes…

Experiencing solitude can be so peaceful. Instead of thinking of it as being alone, think of it as being at peace with what’s around you (not easy these days). When I think of the word solitude I think of photos I’ve taken in the past, like iconic, sculptural trees on a deserted beach, with the waves lapping the shore – a place to just be.

I think humans need to connect more with nature and less with devices. With that being said, here I am on my computer with my phone nearby. I am trying to make a conscious effort to unconnect a bit more. To spend time with a book versus a tablet, computer or phone (although I do love all three!) #allwecandoistry

Imagine yourself in a place that makes you happy. Can you feel your shoulders drops from your chin? Solitude isn’t given a fair deal. What’s even better than solitude is solitude with the one you love, which I guess would be “solitudish” (whether a person or a four-legged friend)!

I wish you peace, joy and the comfort of solitude.


4 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Heather Locke

    We, too, love Monhegan. The anticipation is its own high. Setting aside the clothing, the flashlight, sturdy shoes and socks. Checking the boat reservation. Making sure the dog sitter is on schedule.
    And then, when on the boat, seeing the first glimpse of the island.
    And then the welcome at the dock.
    Nothing else quite like it.

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