Charleston, SC – A Quick Weekend Walk…

Charleston, SC

Beautiful window boxes, aren’t they? Wonderful color selection against the pale yellow of this home. Between the sun, the shadows, beautiful colors and those palms… this is just a tiny taste of Charleston. It’s such a pleasure to roam the streets (both downtown and in other areas), absolutely beautiful!

This was on one of our trips downtown this past weekend, and I’m not sure where we were or what we were doing on this occasion, but I had to snap a quick photo. When light throws beautiful shadows like that I just cannot resist!

The house next to the window box house is just as stunning with it’s vibrant hue, detailed wrought iron work and gorgeous windows! I just hope these palm trees aren’t in jeopardy of getting whacked. It’s a thing here right now. Our utility company (Dominion) cuts trees, like all utility companies do, but our trees are historic and gorgeous and some have been tortured. Now they’re cutting palm trees on the beaches, downtown, etc. They don’t cut them down, they cut them in half and leave a totem pole that will never grow. It’s so sad to see. At least allow people to move them if they can. They’re extremely heavy, but have a very shallow root ball. Fingers crossed they can find a better solution. They’ve been fine for all these years – I guess that’s why I don’t understand.

How are you doing with the time change? Ugh… I personally prefer it to stay the way it was, it’s dark far too early. Pick one and stick with it #nomoretimechangesformeplease – Happy weekend!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)

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