Pretty as a picture…

Bowens Island (Restaurant) – Charleston, SC

I love to take this photo (have taken it in the past)… we were at Bowens Island back in October, the sun was setting as we were finishing dinner. I had my phone with me and snapped a few fabulous photos. (How could they not be fabulous when the setting is literally jaw dropping)? The marsh grass, the trees, the sunset, pure heaven!

I took this photo from inside the event building. Which from the outside looks very rustic (well, from the inside as well), but rustic in the best possible way. It’s so nice to have dinner, walk around, snap a few photos. We ate outside (they also have a new screened room which I didn’t notice until we were leaving).

Bowens is closed on SUNDAY and MONDAY, also check their Facebook or Instagram to be sure they’re open (they occasionally close for an event). Good shrimp, fair prices. Lots of people, we were fortunate to find a spot in the corner outside. #itwasperfect

Happy weekend y’all! Are you getting used to that blasted time change yet? I do like it getting brighter early, but not a fan of darkness so early. #theresnotime #foranything #unlessyoureabat #inthedark

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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