Good memories… Monhegan Butterfly

Monhegan Island – Maine

Today is a beautiful, sunny, warm day (for winter) – almost 70 degrees. I stepped outside to take our dog around the block and couldn’t believe how nice it was. So I thought I would post something cheery and spring-like today. This image was taken years ago on Monhegan. Beautiful flowers, happy butterflies and bees galore! #happyplanet

I’m not sure what these flowers are called, but they’re so cool. I love the dark leaves and the pops of red and pink from the flowers. Gorgeous.

Maine is a place we love to visit, we haven’t been there in several years, but have been thinking about it. Monhegan is a magical island about ten miles off the coast. The ability to slow down, be in fresh air, and just be is worth so much. Especially after several years of COVID. I would like to be off my devices more than I’m on them. They’ve been a lifesaver these past several years, helping to keep us in touch when we have to be far away.

Hoping for another visit to the island soon. For now I will look back at my photos through the years!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)

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