Featured Artist: Josh Moulton!

Fullerton Avenue Spring by Josh Moulton 30×40″ Acrylic

I love when I come across an artist that isn’t only good at what he does and is successful, but also gives back to his community. I can’t tell you how refreshing that is. As you can see by his painting, Josh lives (and owns his own gallery) in Chicago, IL. Not an easy feat, especially during COVID as you’ll read. But he made it through and he made it by helping others. #iwishyousomuchsuccess

Josh Moulton. Really nice work, a classy gallery, a great website – this guy is on top of things! I always like to know a little about the artist – so be sure to check out the link for the Chicago Gallery News – a great interview, which goes into Josh’s technique, etc.

I also think it’s wonderful that Josh was able to draw inspiration from his father, Conrad Moulton – who worked as a successful illustrator and painter. What a wonderful environment to grow up in – a family that shared a similar passion – art. When you click the link above, you’ll see the wonderful images of Conrad’s paintings and illustrations. Absolutely amazing. I am in love with the interiors – the Mid-Century Modern vibe is fabulous! (Of course in those days it WAS Mid-Century)! Fabulous!

I think Josh’s work is striking. The painting above, Fullerton Ave Spring is magnificent. I love the lines, the shadows and reflections. What a painting! Take your time and enjoy his website (and his blog!)

Also, if you look through Josh’s paintings, you’ll see that many are commissions. Click HERE to read more information on commissions or if you’re interested in contacting Josh regarding a commission.

Website  |  Blog | Facebook | Instagram

Read on (info sent from the artist):

From 2003 until 2011 I was being represented by a few galleries around the country (Santa Fe, NYC, Chicago). In 2011, I decided to open my own gallery in Chicago, The Josh Moulton Fine Art Gallery. I am one of the few artists in the country to have their own gallery in such a large, expensive, bustling city. Something I am very proud of and would like to share with others… It’s also the space where I create everything. I do a ton of commissioned work along with my other paintings.

The last 2 years of Covid related small business angst did not crush me. My work continued to sell and I kept being productive. I also partnered with other businesses such as bars and restaurants, who were particularly impacted negatively by the shut down, to help them with my artwork. 

HERE is a great article about how Josh helped these businesses with his artwork. Check out one of the interviews regarding this subject (and see inside Josh’s gallery!) Don’t miss this article from Chicago Gallery News – a great interview by Megan Bonke! Also a cool story that was in the Grosse Pointe News Be sure to check out his work, and his website – it’s full of information!


✍️ Until next time!


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