Featured Artist: Carol Bass!

Carol Bass. Just the mention of her name brings a smile. Each and every painting of Carol’s is bright and cheerful, full of fluid movement – her paintings emote such happiness. Whether you’re looking at a large abstract full of life, or several smaller paintings grouped together, the result is the same. Her paintings are like sunshine in a dark room. We have a few, and they never fail to lighten things up!

Carol has a show opening at Portland Art Gallery on April 7, 2022 (NEXT Thursday) – I wanted to post this early enough for you to add it to your calendar. Portland, ME is a great city, so much to see and do, make this one of your stops! This is a blip about Carol, from the Portland Art Gallery website:

“To paint is to live, to connect with wonder, love and laughter. I can dance with miracles. I can nurture my heart. I can share pure joy. 

The world is made of magic. Like the beetles and the hawks, we are all making paths through the magic. The abundance and entanglement of energy, the way we are all connected, that’s what and why I paint.”

Listen to a talk with Radio Maine: (from the Portland Art Gallery website – scroll through Carol’s paintings and you’ll see the Radio Maine interview to click on to listen):

Radio Maine featuring Carol Bass

Carol Bass approaches life with an innate empathy, compassion and joy. A love for people and adventure brought her to Maine after college, and she stayed to raise a family, develop her art career and start a successful business. She moved to South Carolina after her children had grown, with the idea of reconnecting with family, but the draw to Maine was too strong.  After a decade, she and her husband moved back. Now, you can find Carol living quietly in Pownal Maine, painting incessantly, and loving life despite challenges caused by multiple sclerosis.  Carol talks passionately about living, absolutely, in the present, intentionally forgetting what came before, and about her need to finally come home. Join our conversation on today’s episode of Radio Maine.

But wait! There’s more… Carol also has a show that started March 10 and runs through April 29, 2022 at the Stonewall Gallery located inside the Yarmouth History Center. This show is a culmination of art from friends who have stayed in touch for over 20 years, sharing their love of art. This will also be a great show, so if you’re in the Yarmouth, ME area… don’t miss it!

See more of Carol’s work via these links:

Carol’s Website  |  Portland Art Gallery  | Instagram


✍️ Until next time!


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