Bougainvillea in Charleston…

Bougainvillea in Charleston, SC

Such a pretty setting, isn’t it? All the pink blooms, with pops of white (and the cool blue chair) – all set in an English green space. Gorgeous! We stopped in Elizabeth Stuart Design (ESD) a week or two ago, looked around and then took a peek outside at the beautiful plants, furniture, etc. This setting is simply gorgeous! Bougainvillea’s are pretty amazing…

Can you believe April 1st is this Friday? (You have been forewarned, haha). Where does the time go these days? Ever since the time changed (Spring Forward – lose an hour) I’m still getting up early, but I’m staying up later as well. I try to cut off my coffee intake by 2PM, but by the time I have my first afternoon cup now it’s 2:30 or later. Some days I just go for it… When you need your coffee, you need your coffee (mine has very little caffeine, so…)

Today was supposed to be a food post. I made my favorite black bean and corn enchiladas (OMG, soooo good!), and was going to do a reminder post about that recipe, because it’s SO GOOD, but they’re not the easiest to scoop out of the dish, so it ended up looking like a wreck (but tasting like heaven!) Oh well, c’est la vie, right?

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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