Easy Double Bean and Corn Enchiladas | Recipe from Cait’s Plate!

E a s y   D o u b l e   B e a n   &   C o r n   E n c h i l a d a s !

I was sitting by the pool reading Eating Well magazine (one of my favorites) – and I happened upon an image of enchiladas with the recipe written by a registered dietician. They gave the hashtag…

#caitsplate – So I went to Instagram and pulled it up… this recipe is beyond amazing (not to mention QUICK AND EASY!)

The recipe for Easy Double Bean & Corn Enchiladas comes from a blog, Cait’s Plate,  written by Caitlyn Elf, MS, RDN, LDN. The original recipe calls for whole wheat, corn or flour tortillas, filled with corn, black beans, kidney beans, enchilada sauce, and cheese to top it with.

I omitted the kidney beans and stuck with one can of black beans, to that I added a little bit of cooked brown rice (not much), fresh jalapeño that I had left over from another recipe, some fresh cilantro – to go along with the corn (I used frozen, thawed), 1/4 cup of enchilada sauce and a handful of cheese. See my version below…

NOTE: I used whole wheat tortillas (recipe doesn’t give a size, but I’m pretty sure they’re the smaller ones, I grabbed the first pack of whole wheat that I saw not paying attention to the size. They’re big. It still (easily) made 8 (giant) enchiladas, but when I placed two on my husband’s plate, the heft made my eyes 😳 ha ha. It’s all good. Black beans, rice, frozen corn, a little cooked brown rice, jalapeño, fresh cilantro, a little enchilada sauce and a handful of cheese. On the side I added a little brown rice as suggested, Greek yogurt and avocado – those items were really awesome with this dish – I also made some pico to go along with as well. I had one, along with a spoonful of brown rice, and the toppings and it was plenty. I had 1/2 another day for lunch and it heated beautifully!

I have never made (nor eaten!) enchiladas, so I had no idea what the sauce was supposed to taste like. Next time I may try making my own, but this time I bought a 19oz. can of enchilada sauce (apparently EVERYONE is either making enchiladas or hoarding the sauce, I bought the last can)! Next time I would probably use the same size actually, it fit the filling perfectly. When I tasted the sauce out of the can I had my doubts – but waited to taste until everything was combined. It was delicious. It had (what I would call) an authentic Mexican taste to it  – and was a delight with a little avocado and Greek yogurt.

See latest update! 👇 #triedandtrue

💚 H e r e ‘ s m y L A T E S T v e r s i o n o f t h i s r e c i p e :

PICO: dice 3 plum tomatoes, add scallions, cilantro and 1.5T lime juice – mix.

I use 365 Enchilada Sauce – it’s amazing, authentic but not too strong, it’s perfection!

ENCHILADA FILLING: Drain/rinse 2 cans of Goya black beans – heat. Cook 1 package Trader Joe’s brown rice (2.5 servings) , then add the heated beans to the rice with about 4T of enchilada sauce.

Cut the corn off of 4 ears of corn, set aside. Shred 1 stick of Cabot Sharp Cheddar.

Heat the corn tortillas 4-6 at a time between 2 wet paper towels in microwave 20-30 sec.

In oiled lasagna pan: fill heated tortillas with bean/corn/rice mixture, roll and place seam side down.

Top with Enchilada Sauce.

Sprinkle Cheese.

Bake at 400 degrees F for 15 minutes OR until bubbly!

Serve with pico, guac, sour cream or Greek yogurt. Can also serve with brown rice on the side vs. adding it to the enchiladas if you prefer.

I n t e r i o r   V i e w   o f   E n c h i l a d a s

I had to run my leftovers into a room that had better light so I could get an interior shot. These were so good and for the two of us made one dinner and two lunches! #whatatreat Cait also gives her notes on freezing… Click on the orange recipe link to be taken to this recipe on Cait’s website where you can print, save, share, etc.

I get so excited when I find a really good recipe, and this is one!!

✍️ Until next time…


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