Morning Trot Around the Hood…

Such charm… #beautificationinprogress (not my house)

Charming, right? I was out for a walk and passed by this lovely cottage in the midst of updating their flower beds. So beautiful (and look at the size of the live oak tree trunk!) – I love how the sun is hitting the yard and whisps of moss in the tree – gorgeous! I absolutely adore the “Gardening in Progress” sign, this is someone who is proud of their work and it shows!

We do a lot of walking – always passing by so many interesting things. Since the pandemic the number of people renovating or updating their yards with beautiful flower beds, pools and stunning landscaping is increased! We love our house and spend a good deal of time here – we’re very thankful. #makingahouseahome

What makes a house a home to you? A garden to pick from? A porch to relax and have your coffee? A nice tranquil space to read or work? We all like different things, so I always find it fascinating. Thank goodness we’re all different or the world would be so boring!

Happy Monday, y’all!

✍️ Until next time…


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