Courage Under Fire – Charleston Fire Department

Charleston Fire Department

Courage Under Fire. Three words that describe our fire department so well. We are so thankful for them. We have a fire department near our house. It’s a comforting feeling knowing they’re so close. They do so much good in the area – beyond putting out fires, saving people’s lives – they’re out in the community making a difference day after day.

We watch the show, Station 19. I’m not sure how realistic that is, I mean it is a TV show, but… If so, they have some fun, haha… Still, what they do is hard. Their life is on the line day after day. Every time I hear a siren, I stop what I’m doing and say a prayer for them, for the person/fire, etc., for the medical team that takes care of them and for everyone to get out of their way and let them pass by.

🚨Please, when you see lights/hear sirens (ambulance, fire truck, police) get out of the way. Pull over. Don’t pretend you can beat them. Even if you’re in a hurry, just take a minute and pull over. Someone’s life/lives may be on the line. I see it when I’m out, people not pulling over and it makes me crazy!

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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