I could look at this forever…

St. Clair River – Algonac, MI

This is a scene I could look at from sunup to sundown. The calming effects of water are undeniable. To get situated in a comfy chair listening to the waves, the boaters, and the birds is so relaxing. As kids we spent our entire summer on the river. Literally.

We would jump in the river, and with a pretty swift current – float down to a dock down the street. Climb out, then walk back up the street – or better yet, we would walk down to Henry’s restaurant at the corner. The restaurant was right on the river. So we had an audience of diners watching us jump in, then float down, walk back up, and do it all over again. We never got tired.

The other alternative was to swim towards town, but you wouldn’t go anywhere. It was like a endless pool, where you swim but don’t go anywhere. Yet this is the river, a big river with such swift current.

I remember one year I jumped in at the state park (almost 3 miles) and floated home. I was young, didn’t need a life jacket. By the time I got near the house the current had taken me across the river towards Sand Island. 😳 I swam with all my might and got back to the right shoreline but quite a distance from the house. There were no ladders, but there was broken concrete and I was able to pull myself up. As I was walking home a big black lab came running at me. Not blaming him, it was his territory after all. I did the wrong thing and took off running (after a marathon swim, I can’t imagine). Definitely not fast enough. The dog bit me. Had to go to ER. I survived. From then on, I took a life jacket – I didn’t use it, just let it float in the vicinity. 🛟

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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