An Excellent Source of Protection: Ranger Ready

Ranger Ready Tick + Insect Spray

If you’re heading outdoors and need a form of tick and insect spray – wow, have we ever found a wonderful brand! We were on vacation in Waynesville, NC and were headed out on a hike with a group. A woman asked the guide about bug spray, he suggested this one here… spray it on your ankles and pant legs – “the point of entry”. Ahhhh…. I sprayed twice.

When I grabbed the bottle to start spraying, I didn’t notice that there were different scents. Not sure which one I used, I don’t think it was orange – it was nice and mild. It rubs on nice, not greasy. I sprayed my socks, pant legs and shoes. Then sprayed my arms – and then washed my hands good. Normally, I have bugs swarming around me, they love me. Not this time! I’m


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