A Cool Trick with iOS 16!

Cool Trick with iOS 16

I receive several emails from from sites that share great information on all things techy (Apple specifically), including new features to check out (love this part!), as well as alerts for what’s going on in cybersecurity land. Heavy sigh. After all, information is power, right? Hehe.

I highly recommend OSXDaily.com – subscribe to it if you have Apple products – you will learn so many cool (and time saving!) tips. This isn’t time saving, but it is fun. Another good one is Macworld.com – learn how to lift a subject from a photo (as I did in the image above), 9to5mac.com – offers great suggestions on pretty much everything, CNET (they have cool things like a Cheat Sheet for iOS 16), and Kim Kommando offers good advice as well, but SO MANY ADS. But I have to say, I’ve learned a lot from her!

I love to learn new tricks and tips – it’s the little things you learn that can save so much time!

PS/ this is an older photo of Fred and I. We were on the ferry to Sausalito (San Francisco, CA) -this trick lifted the image of us out of the background of the scene. Pretty cool, hehe.

(Anything in orange above is a link to whatever it says)… Happy Saturday!

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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