Recipes and A Burst of Happiness!

Interested in hearing your favorite holiday recipe (while posting a flash of color and happiness during these days when it gets dark outside so early). I seem to be stuck in the zone of READING so many recipe but not coming up with something that sounds quite perfect. So I am super interested to hear what is a key dish (or dishes) that you like to take somewhere for a holiday event? I need YOUR inspiration. Feel free to message me (via CONTACT ME at top of page, or comment on blog or social media!)

Don’t these beautiful flowers make you smile? They wake me up and give me a burst of happiness (and gratefulness for oh, so many things).

The fast changing lack of sunlight (which we’ve really noticed this year) – in rooms that are typically sunny we’re getting little to no sun. Bizarre. We bought some flowers for the front porch, but guess what? The sun no longer reaches the porch. So, we’ll move them somewhere that does receive a little sunshine – so they can thrive!

On this day, I’m thinking about what to bring on Thanksgiving. I like to take a salad of some kind as well as a dessert and anything else that may be needed. If you have a recipe that’s a hit with your friends/family – feel free to post it in the comments, FB, Instagram or email me via CONTACT ME at the top of the page. I look forward to hearing what your favorite holiday recipes are!

Happy Wednesday! The weekend isn’t far away, whew!

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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