Let the Art Speak by Kathie Odom!

Kathie Odom. Exquisite artist, without a doubt. So many of you are familiar with Kathie and her work. I think you’ll be thrilled to know she has just come out with a treasure of book. I don’t say that lightly. I opened the box and was blown away with how beautiful it is. Just in time for the holidays!

Art books are treasures. Absolute treasures!

The book is titled “Let the Art Speak” – and speak it does! It’s not only a beautiful book (as in very nice coffee table book, and not something quickly thrown together) – it will mesmerize you for hours!

Here is one of Kathie’s available paintings – when I see her paintings I can immediately identify them without seeing her signature. Simply beautiful how she can take a scene and make it absolutely stunning. This is entitled “For the Love of Mother” – Can’t you just think up so many stories to go along with this painting? I could look at it forever. The tree in the background (wow!) every building, the shadows, windows – everything is absolute perfection!

For the Care of Mother by Kathie Odom 18×24 Oil

This was my first thought – without contemplation:

I often think that there are so many “good” paintings out in the world. But, to me, if a painting doesn’t tell a story, then it’s just one of many paintings, (kind of like a photograph), where it may be representative of the subject, but often comes across flat and without emotion. Kathie’s paintings emit so much emotion, a connection to the past, present and future. Her paintings tell a story for everyone who may be transfixed while being lost in their thoughts – Every story will be different. What a gift!

My second thought was how much Kathie’s gratefulness for her ability to share her love of painting and create paintings that help “take on a life of its own, helping the viewer to bring to mind the memory of place or the meaning of a person“. Her gratefulness is clear in every single painting, both for her love of painting but also for those who support her, especially, Buddy, her husband.

If you aren’t familiar with Kathie’s work, please check out her website (link below) – and if you’re an artist looking for a great workshop – here’s Kathie’s 2023 Workshop List!


WEBSITE | Facebook | Instagram | BOOK Link

A blip about Kathie (from her website):

I call myself a “Nostalgic Impressionist” as a way of identifying the subjects and style of painting that interest me most. No matter which part of America I paint, I am really passionate about plein air and love getting lost in the wonderful process of it all! 

Kathie resides with her husband and maintains a studio in the mountains of East Tennessee. She travels extensively and spends much of her time oil painting in the great outdoors. Also, teaching workshops and participating in plein air events occupies much of her calendar. Kathie’s original works have sold internationally, and she is quite proud of her fine art gallery representation. Click HERE to read about Kathie in entirety (vs. what I have posted above).


Thank you so much Kathie and Buddy. The book is amazing. Kathie, your love of plein air is evident and comes through on each and every page. Thank you for sharing your stories. And… Buddy, high five for being such a great supporter of your wife! What an amazing partnership you two make. #bestofthebest


✍️ Until next time!


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