In need of calm and serenity, who isn’t?

What a stunning sunrise, don’t you agree? This sunrise photo was taken last month in Waynesville, NC. So breathtaking and peaceful. I just look at this image and I think about the good time we had getting up and heading out only to run into friends along the way. Pretty cool. We all enjoyed a beautiful sunrise together. Very grateful for our time at such a beautiful location.

I say I’m in need of calm and serenity because I’m actually writing this post on Tuesday, (Election Day), enough said. It’s early in the day and I have no idea the outcome, but a little calm and serenity never hurt anyone, right?

Aren’t these mountains amazing? It feels as if they go on forever. They are ever changing, which is far better than watching television! The starkness of the tree highlights the mountains even more – and that sunrise! #jawdrop

I hope you are able to get back to that special place that you love to visit – Enjoy your week!

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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