Thankful for y’all!

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Nothing is guaranteed in life. Be thankful each and every day. I’m so thankful to my family and friends and to each one of you who reached out to me throughout the year. I love reading your comments and appreciate them so much.

Enjoy this day, whether you’re with friends/family or even if you’re solo this year. Some of us are spread around the country and unable to see our families – year after year – it’s tough. Smile, say hello and wish someone else a Happy Thanksgiving.

Taking tomorrow off, ha ha… not going shopping (is that even a thing anymore?) – there really aren’t a lot of places to go these days (cool shops downtown and near me, excluded). Support the small businesses this weekend, if you can.

Most of all, don’t y’all run out and buy gifts just to buy gifts. It’s not the amount you spend or good grief, the QUANTITY of gifts, it’s the thought, no matter how small, that someone KNOWS you were thinking of them. Also, as people get older, disposable gifts are best – otherwise we’re all going to be needing therapy and decluttering services! A gift certificate (even for groceries, drug store, gas card), homemade gifts are also so nice! Maybe housecleaning or yard services? That kind of thing. Something that can brighten someone’s day, help them to take a load off once in a while, vs. many packages that they will have no idea what to do with.

It’s the thought that counts.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



PS… Happy Thanksgiving to my sweet husband who makes life so special. I am so thankful that I met you all those years ago. I am grateful for all we have in our lives every single day. I am blessed beyond belief! I love you! 🧡🤎🧡🙏🤎🧡🤎


4 thoughts on “Thankful for y’all!

  1. Heather Locke

    I love your message. Love to you and Fred.
    We have a 15 lb. turkey we will cut apart with poultry shears. Lay it flat! Dinner will be in the study in front of fireplace. I set up a card table this morning.

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