Featured Artist: Kevin Mizner!

Morning on Monhegan by Kevin Mizner 20×24 Oil

Kevin Mizner. His paintings bring back wonderful memories and are so true – not just in the way a scene looks, but how it FEELS. The wharf on Monhegan is the place to be, it’s where the magic happens. Arrivals, departures – hellos, goodbyes, the waiting, the excitement of arriving, the bittersweetness of departing, the trucks lined up to pick up baggage from those who arrive. Ahhh, great memories! Memories that Kevin has captured perfectly.

I love this scene (and Kevin’s painting!) The trucks all ready and waiting for pickup/drop off. The hurry up and wait feeling of departure. The LL Bean bags packed with treasures, easels and backpacks, suitcases and duffles galore. The nearby islands, Smutty Nose closest to the wharf and Manana Island in the not too far distance.

I love the people! It’s like this painting was plucked out of a scene from the wharf – a memory in time of a great time spent. What a treasure.

Be sure to check out all of Kevin’s paintings – I swear, there isn’t anything he cannot paint!

Kevin Mizner | Info…

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About the Artist (via Kevin’s website):

“I have been painting Maine and her people for over forty years.  Currently I paint full-time at my studio in Pittston, Maine.  Everything I paint is from my own experience, observation and emotion.  I feel that authenticity and emotion in a painting cannot be conjured, it must be real.  As a result, I have worked on a Maine lobster boat to better experience and portray the sea.  I have hiked countless miles through the Maine woods, and along her shores observing Nature’s colors.  I have frequented old barns and walked through open fields to gain a better sense of Maine and its history.  It seems I can’t paint just “a Landscape” or “a Seascape,” to me they are portraits of old friends I’ve come to know, understand and love.

My technique is based on traditional oil painting practices, utilizing photographs, sketches and studies, both on site and in the studio—anything I can use– to make the best painting I can produce.  Because in the end, only the painting can tell the story.”


✍️ Until next time!


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