A favorite scent, sunlight and a blooming Christmas cactus in April…

I was walking through the house the other day and the sun was hitting my Christmas cactus (which is blooming, yet again, in April!) – and it highlighted one of our favorite scents. The scent of this particular diffuser is clean, refreshing and fragrant. I’m sensitive to strong scents (including the jasmine outside which is so strong right now), but this is nice. Note, I don’t put all the reeds in the container – then any scent is too much for me. It’s absolutely lovely!

This is the Magnolia and Orchid scent by Antica Farmacista. It’s like having a scented tree/shrub/plant right outside your door. Exquisite for sure! This is a limited edition scent so you have to keep your eye on when it is available!

Note the pretty little tray it’s sitting on. I’m nothing if not resourceful, hehe. This tray held Fred’s birthday flourless chocolate cake from Christophe Artisan Chocolatier – Patissier, in Charleston, SC. I’m always thinking of ways to repurpose things, and this instantly came to mind! It works perfectly!

👩‍💻Until next time…


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