Another Monday in Paradise!

Out on a walk and saw this stunning specimen – not sure what it is, but it’s beautiful – especially looking up through the tree branches. #alwayslookup The sky is blue, the air is warm, but not hot. It’s a great time of year with so many people outside taking advantage of the low humidity. Charleston, South Carolina in the spring is perfection.

My Instagram is full of my favorite things for the most part. Flowers and trees are among the top on my list – the beauty, tranquility and happiness they bring is resolute.

Most photos are quickly snapped as I’m walking, where I’m trying to take photos and keep up with you-know-who… 😉

Well folks, it’s Monday – a new day, a new week – and hard to believe, but ending another month (that feels like it just began) – so get out and enjoy every minute.

🌺 Until next time…


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