Always. Look. Up!

Spring in Charleston, South Carolina – nothing better! The sun is warm, the shade is cool. It’s a lovely time of year usually with less humidity. This particular day was very clear, the sky was the bluest blue and the buds on a tree were a lime green. From the street the buds looked like pom poms.

Plants and trees are budding one second and blooming the next. It’s a short time before it just looks like a tree. When I walk, I’m always looking up, I don’t want to miss a thing.

Our ligustrums are now blooming and it’s both stunning and heavenly (the scent that comes from them is like the nicest candle – it can be a little strong, but wow) – you can smell them inside the house if the door is open.

I love seeing a different perspective of things, so I’m always looking up.

Happy Earth Day – did you know Earth Day started back in 1970? Read more about it here!

🌎 Until next time…


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