Fresh Cut Pansies Make Me Smile

I love the orange/black color combination. This past fall we bought a beautiful orange pansies and planted it in a glossy black pot. It is gorgeous! It’s been gorgeous all winter long, all through the spring – and all I did was deadhead and water. It blooms unreal. One after another… It’s just starting to look tired from the few warmer days we’ve had. So I tried snipping a few flowers and putting them in a small jar of water on the window sill. STUNNING!

Flowers are utter perfection. They’re absolutely beautiful – and I LOVE the way light comes through their petals. Magnificent. So, if you have some pansies that are (shhh!) “nearing the end“, snip a few flowers and stick them in a vase of water. They only last a day, but it makes for a happier day.

Well, it’s already Friday – another week has flown by. Here’s wishing you a safe and happy weekend. Hope you have some good plans (or a good book)! Happy Friday!

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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