Azaleas will be gorgeous for the Flowertown Festival in Summerville, SC!

charleston rainy day azaleas

This photo was taken after a heavy rain, and the flowers held up beautifully! We’ve had a colder than normal spring which has extended our azalea blooming season quite nicely. Everywhere you look there is abundant color that you just wouldn’t believe!

Speaking of flowers… are you going to the Flowertown Festival in Summerville, SC today? There is always a large turnout (over 200,00 annually!). A busy week in Charleston, SC… Cooper River Bridge Run yesterday and Flowertown Festival this weekend… today is the last day, so get out and enjoy it! Click the above link for more information!

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Sanders Hot Fudge Cream Puff… oh paleeeez!

Sander's - Mackinac Island, MI

You know how it is when you have something on your mind and it won’t go away? Like a song… or a commercial (even worse) or Sanders Hot Fudge Cream Puff… oh my gosh. How I wish I could get to a Sanders right now and make myself happy, ha ha… I remember Sanders when I was a kid growing up, what a treat! A few years ago my mom, sister and I went to Mackinac Island for a getaway… and Sanders was there! What a surprise! Is there something from your childhood that you remember that instantly makes you smile! Savor those memories!

For those of you who got out and ran the COOPER RIVER BRIDGE RUN, WOOHOO! I congratulate you! I think you deserve an ice cream… wish there was a Sanders here, but we have plenty of great ice cream shops… enjoy!

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Cooper River Bridge Run… March 31, 2012. Inspiration and Registration… (& Bridge Run RESULTS!)

Bridge Run 2011 {Image}

Hello again… Here’s an update to this post… the bridge run is over… click HERE to get the results. It’s a searchable site, so you don’t have to scroll through 43,00+++++++ names!  Just click whether you want to see the wheelchair results or the Searchable site to check results… Great job everyone!

Yes. The March 31, 2012 Bridge Run in Charleston, SC IS. SOLD. OUT. Well… almost… you still have a chance for a ticket, but it’ll cost you! The flip side of that is that it’s for a good cause… the money goes to charity. This year they capped the regular registration at 43,000 people (good grief that’s a lot of people!), it sold out 23 days before the race (according to an article in the Post and Courier). I went to the Bridge Run’s website and indeed they have sold out, BUT for $150 (that you can raise for a charity) you can buy a Charity Connection Registration (mail/fax or in person only). There is a cap on the number of Charity Connection Registrations, it’s set at 1200! So it’s still possible to participate! From the website… this is the info on the Charity Connection Registration:

Charity Connection 

Along with registration, the Bridge Run offers participants the opportunity to help raise money for 12 charities.  It can be scary choosing a charity to donate to.  In this economy, every dollar counts. You want to be sure your hard earned donations are going to the cause described, and not squandered.  The bridge run has done the research for you.  We’ve found, among many, 12 well deserving charities.  Along with the larger, more reputable non-profits, we’ve found other smaller less exposed ones, that also, need and deserve your help. Just one dollar can make a difference!  What do you get with your donation, large or small?  Each participant who donates to one of our charities receives an additional, specialized bib, showing your support, of a good cause. Here’s how… click HERE for a list of charities, visit the Bridge Run website for details…

  • Now, you can leverage your run to raise money via crowdrise.  It’s super easy to join and all the money you raise will contribute the charity.
  • Choose your donation amount with regular registration. Register online or via paper registration, for $30 (before 2/01/12) and donate any amount from $1 up.  You may also donate separate amounts to multiple charities. For example, you may choose to donate $1 to charity x, and $20 to charity y. 
  • Register through a specific charity, for $150, set fee.   When donating $150 or more to the Charity of your choice you will not only get the delight of making an impact, but you will also receive a specialized Cooper River Bridge Run Charity Bib, free entry into the Race, and free packet mailing before 2/23/12.
 There was another article in the Post and Courier (newspaper) that told an inspirational story of two men who lost weight the hard way. Exercise and healthy eating. It’s a must read, if that won’t get you off your duff nothing will! These two guys are doing the bridge run… Clinton Terrill who started at 500 pounds and is now down to 238 (and still dropping) and Bryan Ganey who started at 577 pounds and is at 287 and still dropping… KUDOS TO YOU GUYS! If nothing else the bridge and the bridge run inspires people to M O V E! You’ve got to admire hard work!
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