Yesterday the preview… today the GOLOGIC 1,000 sq ft awesome floor plan, photos included…


Are you looking for a gorgeous, well built home that has a passive home design? This is a home that has the ability to make your heating bills = zero. Net zero. Can you imagine? Exciting information below with links to more info!

You remember yesterday I posted this home built by GOLOGIC Homes, it’s gorgeous. I think you may agree once you take a peek (links below).

I like this floor plan… it’s nice and open with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom… how sweet it is! I like the open concept for this plan. Especially in a beautiful setting. Wow.

A dedicated entry space is always nice too! The screened porch on the back is a dream! See the plan and images via the links below! Seriously, check out their website, it’s so full of information. Are the plans not quite what you’re looking for? They will work with you to make it your very own, or they can work to create a custom design of your very own.

This is one of the hottest plans on!

**Links and info updated 021823**


Website | FAQ | THIS PLAN | FacebookInstagram

All images via used with permission…
Images are not for construction or reproduction, they are property of the design firm.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


10 thoughts on “Yesterday the preview… today the GOLOGIC 1,000 sq ft awesome floor plan, photos included…

  1. Why is the living room so small and has the bathroom adjoining it??? For 1K sq ft home there’s not a lot of room in it!!! The kitchen island looks huge taking up too much floor space. Sorry but this plan makes no sense to me!!


      1. Ugh, the frustration, right? Thank you for notifying me that the links were wonky… I’ve fixed them, and deleted the old. So it should be good to go now. I also updated the format a bit, so it should be a tad easier to read. The images will be where you click to see this plan, once you scroll down, images will be there. Have a great weekend, b.


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