A walk in Charleston… St. Phillips Church!

St. Phillips Church - Charleston, SC
St. Phillips Church – Charleston, SC

Warm golden light. That gorgeous light that makes you look healthy and tan (ha ha)… it gives you a glow. Well, it does the same thing for the buildings. Charleston, SC is such a beautiful city. The history, architecture, food, and art galleries are beyond compare. Everywhere you look you see gorgeous settings just like this one! If you aren’t from this area, stop by, check it out… visit the restaurants, stores and galleries. You’ll be coming back year after year!


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…        Looking for a good restaurant in Charleston, SC? try Husk!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…    Gift idea: Mark Roberts Fairy!

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Charleston Photo… The buildings just can’t be beat…

Charleston, SC
Charleston, SC

I’m giving myself a little vacation… nice, eh? So for the next few days I’m going to spring a few Charleston photos on you…

GREAT city… beautiful architecture, fabulous food, amazing art… what’s not to like about Charleston?


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…       A nice peacefully quiet Monhegan Island wharf…

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Surgery, Chemo and the END of Radiation… GO MOM!!

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Charleston Photo… A walk downtown…

Charleston, SC

Some of the homes in Charleston, SC are so beautifully maintained. I’ve noticed several instances of this orangey color, I love it!

Man watering window boxes

Nice man we met watering his window boxes… stunning color on this house!

Bright and bold door

Now this is a bright and bold door… this was taken on Easter. Everyone had beautiful window boxes… it was a joy to walk around! Enjoy your weekend!

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Charleston Photo: What do you suppose this is for??

WHAT is this?

The architecture downtown Charleston, SC will blow your mind. Every walk we take I see something else that is just so original… I’ve seen these before, what do you suppose this pointy thing is for?

To keep birds away from the door? To keep squirrels from running up to the above piazza? Hmmm, I’m not sure, I just know that it’s a pretty cool site on a gorgeous house downtown. The homes in Charleston are stunning. They. Are. Historic.

What do YOU suppose this is for? I’ll be back to my normal posts next week, in the meantime I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

Yesterday the preview… today the GOLOGIC 1,000 sq ft awesome floor plan, photos included…


You remember yesterday I posted this home built by GOLOGIC Homes, it’s gorgeous (to see more photos of the interior click HERE…)

You can also see this home in FINE HOMEBUILDING magazine… Here’s the article!

I like this floor plan… it’s nice and open with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom… how sweet it is!


All images via www.gologic.us (and FineHomeBuilding.comused with permission…
Images are not for construction or reproduction, they are property of the design firm.

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Lake Flato Porch Houses… Efficient, architecturally appealing and downright JAW DROPPING!

LakeFlatoPorchHouse LFPH

I KNOW! GORGEOUS! CONTEMPORARY! ECLECTIC! Whoa, awesome design coupled with energy efficient these architects have come up with a masterpiece! It would be really neat to have the main part of the home with a master bedroom/bathroom, living area, kitchen and powder room and have a separate area for guests or a studio! Imagine this situated where you can watch a sunrise/sunset?! Heaven. On. Earth!

This is from LAKE FLATS PORCH HOMES, and I think their design concept is downright brilliant! They can be as energy efficient as you like… install solar panels and you can become net zero or darn close to it! Check out the Lake Flato Porch House website… spread the word, these are awesome! If you live in a colder climate, check out my past post about G-O LOGIC Homes same concept, but for cold weather climates!

I am in love with this kitchen… all these fabulous windows, but protected with a wide overhang… so you get the light, just not the damaging bright direct light, and loooook at that counter space!

LakeFlatoKitchen lf

This shows one of the design plans… You have your living space in one area, connected to the master bedroom by a breezeway that can either be open or glassed in. Then another building with two bedrooms and a bathroom can be placed nearby. What I like about this is that it affords family/guests some privacy while keeping them close at the same time. You could also use it as a studio space and guest room… just think… the possibilities are endless!

OneLakeFLatoPlan lf


LakeFLatoBreezeway lf

Here is the Lake Flato concept, from their website:

Porch House, with a uniquely adaptable design and construction process, enables its inhabitants to be a partner with the environment, in a house shaped by the climate and place, where the landscape and rooms are a unified whole. Like many of our firm’s celebrated designs, the Porch House is born from the simplicity of vernacular architecture and leverages what Lake|Flato has learned over the years in terms of good design, quality, sustainability, and practicality.
The factory built rooms are arranged on the site to take advantage of views, breeze, solar orientation, and outdoor spaces.  The custom designed site built “porch elements”, such as breezeways, porches, overhangs, and carports are the “connecting tissue” which holds the rooms together while allowing the overall design to adapt to the unique characteristics of the site, the weather and the client’s program.Expected time from design approval to move in is 6-9 months. A Porch House uses considerably less energy than a typical house and can be designed for “net zero energy consumption” with the addition of photovoltaic panels. Current projections for hard building cost range around $150-225 per square foot.
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Photo Weekend: Charleston… a walk downtown…

For those of you who aren’t from Charleston… these shots are taken near Hominy Grill. Now if you’ve been to Charleston, SC you’ve most likely been to Hominy Grill. Nice restaurant, great breakfast, haven’t been there for dinner, but I’m sure it’s all good! If you take a walk around that area you can see the most amazing things. For instance, this house. You wouldn’t believe how narrow it is, but how incredibly charming is it? It’s quite like a treehouse! And lucky for them, they can walk to Hominy Grill!

This also happens to be very near the Ashley Hall Private Girl’s Day School. A prestigious school in Charleston that dates back over 100 years! Their grounds are beautiful from what I could see!

Look at this unique building on the Ashley Hall campus! I believe it’s called the Shell House? Very interesting! Take time to walk around and see what YOU discover!

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