A Walk Downtown… (Charleston, SC)

How stately is this? Magnificent. Prestigious. Oh, Charleston is full of the most beautiful architecture dating back hundreds of years. Whenever I’m downtown I think what a wonderful city this would be to visit while on vacation… summer could prove a little humid for me, but it’s beautiful nonetheless! Everywhere you look there is a photo to be taken. So if you live here, grab your camera and head out! If you visit Charleston, bring extra batteries and a big memory card!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “A Walk Downtown… (Charleston, SC)

  1. The composition and framing of the top photo is terrific. Yes, we visited Charleston for the first time last April, but we are returning for Feb and March, leaving the ice and snow of the Midwest. Charleston’s weather cannot match Florida’s warmth at that time of year, but , oh, what it has to offer instead! Can’t wait!


    1. After months and months of heat all I can say I thank goodness we can’t match Florida’s heat in Feb/Mar… Ha ha… Although the last fire we could have in the house was in January… Too warm! We had that fire with the windows open, ha ha… Enjoy yourselves!!


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