GOLOGIC 1,000 sq ft plan, too cute!

This post is from GOLOGIC Homes blog (click HERE)… what great design vision and thought for the environment. These plans are amazing! So sharp!

Build Like This: A Simple Approach to Building a Super-efficient House

Mar 5, 2013

This month GO Logic is featured on the cover of Fine Homebuilding Magazine’s special winter issue focusing on Energy Smart Homes.

GO Logic’s 1,000-square foot, one-bedroom, two-bath residence, House on a Knoll, in Bath, Maine – completed back in 2011 – was among the homes featured in the publication.

The article discusses six key elements to building a super-efficient home: insulation, ventilation, windows, air-sealing, thermal bridging, and thermal mass.

The highlighted pre-designed home demonstrates how this approach toward high performance works hand-in-hand with comfort, flexibility and aesthetics at a low cost.

To read the entire article, check out Fine Homebuilding Magazine’s Winter special issue on Energy-Smart Homes, or get a preview of the article here.

Photos courtesy of Brian Vanden Brink.

This post was from the GOLOGIC Homes blog (click HERE)…


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