FACEBOOK: Who knows about “Other” Messages?? Do you!?

Facebook OTHER messages

Facebook. Ahhhh. Parts of it are to love… reconnecting with old friends, keeping up with artists and their work, hearing about deals at the local store… but THEN there are parts of Facebook that are beyond aggravating… for instance…

I went to send a message to an artist that I had featured. I was not yet “friends” with them on Facebook. I have sent messages via Facebook before to people who were not yet friends, this time it told me there was a $1 charge for the message to be delivered to their INBOX, or I could send the message (free) to the OTHER box.

The OTHER box? Since when? Apparently since a looong time ago! I checked (go to Facebook, click on the little icon for messages (in between the people and the world icons above), then you’ll see it defaults to your INBOX. Click on OTHER. Hmmmm, see some old messages? Perhaps from friends that you would have liked to receive the message from in the first place?

Just know it’s there and check it periodically. Have a tip about Facebook? Let me know!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “FACEBOOK: Who knows about “Other” Messages?? Do you!?

  1. I have a love hate relationship with FB and many ambivalent feelings. I don’t always understand their “rules” and features. Nor do I always trust FB. I checked my “other” and had 5 messages from 2010 and 2011, none of them had content I would have missed. Bah!!


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