This will be Fred and I moving to Maine… 137 sq feet!

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses – Fencl Plan

This is how I picture Fred and I moving to Maine… we’ll pack up the house and find a nice little spot near water, a general store, a bakery, and a grocery store… ha ha. IS THIS NOT THE COOLEST PHOTO? Look at this house! This is one of the bigger in the Tumbleweed Tiny House plans... it’s the Fencl plan. Could you do it? I’m thinking we could maybe do it if we parked the U-Haul under a tree to store all of our stuff in, ha ha. Click on the link under the photo to see the interior shots (shown furnished). Is it ever SWEET! Take a look at the other houses they have, it’s just so interesting to me! I first heard about these tiny houses on Colin Pages Journal. Colin is a cool guy that mentions not only art, but all kinds of neat things, this being one of them! The smallest house starts at 65 square feet AND INCLUDES A KITCHEN AND BATHROOM! The larger cottages range from 261-874 square feet. These things are cool, check out the interior photos!

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Pledge an act of green – Happy Earth Day!

HAPPY EARTH DAY! Pledge an act of green by clicking HERE. Whether it be planting a tree, conserving water or recycling, the choice is yours. If everyone does SOMETHING it will make our planet a better place. Even if you don’t click to make the pledge it still counts if you just do it anyway! Switch off your computer monitor when not in use, turn off the water when brushing your teeth, it’s the little things that add up…  spread the word… it’s Earth Day… there’s only one Earth and we have to keep it healthy!

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Image Source, click HERE.